Went to a Garden Party…

Whether its a reception for a wedding or a small get together in the garden the principles are the same: planning is essential so that the event runs smoothly and you can enjoy it just as much as everyone else and you cut down on running around.

A drinks area where people can perhaps help themselves or, in the case of a reception, someone in charge of dispensing drinks.  Don’t forget a place where bottles can be recycled as this will save some of the clearing up afterwards. Will it be a big table of buffet food, a sit down supper or a barbecue?  There are so many ways to feed your friends, but if you are going to do it yourself, make as much food as you can ahead so you have little cooking to do on the day.  Mary Berry’s recipe book Cook Now Eat Later is a great source of ideas.

Use lighting to show people directions to the loo or mark important paths to help your guests get around intuitively and subtly light the area where you want people to stand, chat or dance. A few signs are useful for “round the corner” directions and saves everyone asking – but don’t go over the top.

We’ve listed useful things to have for your party; like a source of heat, a pergola (just in case of rain), ice buckets (though a clean black dustbin will do). Your wedding reception may be a grander affair but essentially the basics are the same… Make sure you have time to enjoy your day.

Do you have any tips that made your party work well? Any dos and don’ts? Tell us here, we’d love to pass them on…

Just in case of rain (or too much Sun!)
Outdoor Fireplace
Ice Bucket
LED Lantern to light your way
Iron Brazier from Cox and Cox
String lights

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