Father’s Day – where did that come from?

Father’s Day is celebrated all over the world and like many things it seems to have originated in America where they’ve celebrated Father’s Day on the 3rd Sunday in June since 1966. The exact origin is not clear but it is thought that Fatherhood has been celebrated for over 100 years.

Sonora Smart Dodd (February 18, 1882 – March 22, 1978) was the daughter of American Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart and is thought to be responsible for the founding of Father’s Day. She, along with her siblings, was brought up by her single parent Father after her mother died in childbirth. After hearing a sermon on “mother’s day” she felt it unfair that fathers were not recognised, so campaigned to have a day officially recognised.

Father’s day this year falls on the 18th June (only 15 days away!) and it is now so well established and publicised you can’t get away with ignoring it. Dads will notice!

We love this main picture as it sums up Dad doing his bit. We do need to celebrate our dads as they play such an important roll in our lives as we grow.

These days most Fathers have hands on experience with their babies and are just as capable as their partners at looking after, changing nappies and sharing the chores (and the fun) of a new born baby.

Make a fuss and spoil them…you know they are worth it.

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