Camping fever

Little Campers

This is a great time to head down to the nearest camping show and look at the latest camping gadgets, but really the fun is all about having less and enjoying the simplicity of living close to the natural world.

So don’t go too mad on kit, its not necessary to replicate everything you have at home, plus it makes packing and unpacking the car hard work.

Less is More and camping illustrates this beautifully.

As a nation of keen campers there are a huge spectrum of places and ways to camp, there are many organisations to help and guide you.  So with a bit of research to find the right location and some basic kit, there is no reason not to rise with the Sun and retire when the light dims…lovely.

Soak up the atmosphere, enjoy the air and leave technology behind.

Camping World’s London Tent Show is on the 20th and 21st May 2017 see here


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